Australian Critics of Scientology
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Otherwise-unclassified Scientology stuff

This page contains stuff I couldn't think of anywhere else for, stuff being archived worldwide for safekeeping and stuff I just felt like putting in my own Scientology-related web space. Enjoy.

Australian stuff

Village Cinema review of Battlefield Earth

From the Village Cinemas website.

Cinema advertising for Dianetics, Dec 1998

An ad before A Bug's Life, at a Hoyts in Sydney.

NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Policy, 1968

From collected CCL NSW policy, 1964-1979. This was after Scientology had already been banned in Western Australia and Victoria, and presumably was facing the prospect of a similar ban in New South Wales.

57 Scientology

"That this Committee, not having investigated or having detailed knowledge of the practice of Scientology, would, however, if legislation in respect to scientology were proposed, oppose legislation directed solely to preventing the association of members of that organisation. The Criminal Law should always be directed against antisocial acts and offences defined in terms of the ingredients of the offence and not in terms of membership of any organisation. The committee is not by this resolution approving or disapproving any proposed legislation that may deal with the alleged antisocial behaviour of scientologists and postpone consideration of any proposed legislation until such time as it is brought forward, if at all." (Committee Meeting 23rd October 1968).

Ron's Journal 68, ANZO Supplement: "Asiatic hordes"

A supplement to Ron's Journal 68, only distributed to ANZO (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania) orgs. We also have a scan.

Creationists distance themselves from $cientology

An Australian creationist organisation has recently changed its name from "Christian Science Foundation" to "Answers In Genesis". Amusingly, one of the reasons given was that the new name will be "less easily confused, even unconsciously, with cultic groups like 'Christian Science' and 'Scientology'." (Thanks to Frank Copeland for this one.)

Scientology in Australian Music

... and I don't mean Kate Ceberano. Please do send others in.

Letter from a Letter Registrar

A letter from the Perth org to someone who had stopped in three years earlier.

A page from Henry Bartnik's address book

... the interesting bit here being mention of a 'train suicide' and 'defamation'. (Suicides and defamation always being hot topics around Scientology.) Mr Bartnik is the Community Relations Officer or whatever it is (mail me if you have his correct title) for Australia; evidently he started in Perth. The address book is part of the pile of stuff The Squirrel found out the back of the Perth org several years ago. This GIF is 163K; you are encouraged to take a copy for safekeeping.

My very own Ho'-note!

The letter from the Church's barratrous lawyer Helena Kobrin, granting me SP 4 status. I'll see if I can find my original message anywhere in the world (I think I quoted the famous Six Lines of OT7-48 just to test if the CoS really would send EVERYONE one of these).

Other stuff

Scientology and Racism

Extensive documentation of the racism of L. Ron Hubbard. By Keshet and Ted Mayett.

A quote from Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

The book is about toxic chemicals, but this bit seemed to me a wonderful allegory for cults, poison memes and the detection skills of the Net. "No chemical crime is perfect. Chemical reactions have inputs and outputs and there's no way to make those outputs disappear. You can try to eliminate them with another chemical reaction, but that's going to have outputs too. You can try to hide them, but they have this way of escaping. The only rational choice is not to be a chemical crook in the first place ..."

William S. Burroughs and Scientology

"Retraction" Ordered by Hon. Ronald M. Whyte

Grady Ward was ordered by the Hon Ron to 'retract' his request for copies of the 'Sekrit' Skriptoors of the Church of Scientology in all its little corporate identites. He asked the retraction to be published far and wide, so here it is. This happens to include a full list of the supposedly-secret stuff he was after.

Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

... in the Grady Ward case. Placed here as part of a world-wide safekeeping effort.

Filing in Probate

Another one here for safekeeping. I obtained this before the CoS tried to get it sealed.

Biased Journalism, v2 no 19
Biased Journalism, v2 no 20

Netcom cancelled both of these at the request of the CoS. Well, fuck that.

By the way, I got a Ho'-note for reposting these. Note that she requests that I cancel them, rather than demanding. Maybe she's learning. (Yeah, I know.) And a matching note to my sysadmin. (Incidentally, da Ho' got the wrong message-ID.)

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