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Battlefield Earth

Prepare for battle.

Starring Forest Whitaker and John Travolta
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 117 mins
Censorship Recommended for mature audiences 15 and over.
User Vote *** [3 stars]
Released Thu, Sep 28 2000
Screenings 983

At least the usually weight conscious John Travolta didn't have to diet for this role. As Teri, Psychlos Chief of Security, Travolta must have enjoyed his bulky outfit that hid any lurking love handles. Unfortunately, the cyber suit doesn't distract from the holes the size of craters in Battlefield Earth's script.

But if audiences take this film at face value then it easily entertains with its tale of good versus B-grade evil. The nose-jewelled Psychlos may resemble the shoulder-padded members of KISS, minus the black and white make-up, but these towering aliens are threatening enough to present a real danger to mankind.

Serving also as producer, Travolta has copped most of the flak for this film's astronomical failure at the box office because Battlefield Earth was something of a pet project. He has even been blamed for the mostly dodgy special effects. For instance, some clever critics have likened the Psychlos spacecraft to flying milk crates; at least no strings are visible. It has to be said, however, Travolta pulls off his character with menace and glee as opposed to Barry Pepper whose Jonnie is a lamer hero than Babe. (And why is the lead the only one ever to enjoy a romantic interest? Don't other men have hormones?)

So aside too many slow-motion sequences and "let's fight for freedom" speeches, Battlefield Earth manages to transport audiences to another time and place; one Travolta, undoubtedly, wishes he could forget.

Shane Robert Cooper