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GO FILES: Australia, NZ and the "Asiatic Hordes"

Chris Owen, Fri 22 Jan 1999

Read the original text of the ANZO Supplement, or look at a scan.
From: Chris Owen <>
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Subject: GO FILES: Australia, NZ and the "Asiatic Hordes"
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:08:24 +0000
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I suppose that I should know better by now, but the depth of L. Ron
Hubbard's lunacy does continue to surprise me.  While looking through
some papers from the now-disbanded Guardian's Office, I came across an
HCO Information Letter of 17 February 1969, "Ron's Journal 1968
Australian - Anzo Supplement", distributed to "Anzo Orgs only" (and
evidently to the GO as well).  It makes interesting reading.

In previous posts, I've discussed Hubbard's morbid fear of nuclear war
(he claimed that Scientologists could "proof" themselves against
radiation poisoning by overdosing on vitamins) and how he wanted to
establish a redoubt for "white civilisation" [sic] in South Africa and
Rhodesia.  He believed that the Western world was under attack by an
unholy alliance of psychiatrists and Communists, and that only
Scientology stood between them and world domination - in one bulletin,
ED 69 INT of 20 December 1969, "Western Countries", he declares that "WE
[capitalisation sic].  

Scientology had had many problems in Australia during the 1960s (most
notably the Anderson Enquiry in Victoria and the subsequent bans on
Scientology in three of Australia's six states).  At the time of issue
of the "Anzo Supplement", another public enquiry was under way in New
Zealand.  Clearly this was all part of the international conspiracy
against Scientology.  In the "Supplement", Hubbard warns Australian and
New Zealand Scientologists of the danger posed by the Communist-
psychiatrist complex:

   "As you would expect, the intensity of attack on Scientology is at 
   its greatest in the Australian, New Zealand area.

   The enemy, the International psychiatric front organization and its 
   "National" Mental Health chapters over the world, has the stated 
   ambition of dispensing with all boundaries ...  If Anzo governments 
   are taking orders from this psychiatric front group, refusing to    
   investigate their real murders and political chicanery, then its 
   [sic] pretty obvious that when the US pulls out of Vietnam, that's 
   it ...

   There are three things that can be done:

   1. Revitalize Anzo society with Gung Ho groups.

   2. Solidly oppose the election of psychiatric political stooges and

   3. Set up agitation and committees to achieve US statehood quickly.

   This is the only way I know of to keep Anzo from being deluged with 
   Asiatic hordes."

Even by Hubbard's standards, this is pretty lunatic (and demonstrates
yet again his deep-rooted racism).  It's also one of the most political
statements from him that I've come across.  Ironically, only a year
earlier he had issued a public statement - which is still part of
Scientology policy - entitled "Politics, Freedom from" (HCO Policy
Letter of 14 June 1965, reissued 10 Jan 1968).  In it he had declared:

   "I hereby declare Scientology to be nonpolitical and nonideological 

   All statements attacking any political entity or ideology are hereby    
   withdrawn and cancelled in any lectures or literature ... 

   Scientology is for a free people and is on this date declared free of 
   any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatsoever.""

So much for that!

But this document falls very much into a pattern which I've found in
Hubbard's writings.  I'm currently writing and researching a piece
called "Scientology versus Democracy?", assessing Scientology's and
Hubbard's political stance, an issue which is of key importance in the
ongoing controversy in Germany over Scientology.  Hubbard *did* have
some very strong political views, and these now inform a large part of
Scientology's so-called "scriptures".

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