The Sydney Morning Herald, 07 Sep 1974, p9

Going up

WHATEVER MAY BE said for Scientology - the sci-fi religion devised by L. Ron Hubbard which is now free to operate in all Australian States - its services aren't cheap.

It doesn't, of course, charge for "Ron's Professional Route to Clear and OT" - the money is accepted as a donation. The fact that an amount is specified is, presumably, purely coincidental. With apologies for the incomprehensible titles of the courses we quote from the Sydney Scientology magazine "The Bridge" under the heading Donations For Services.

"Package including Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course, Primary Rundown, Academy levels O-IV and co-auditing, $1,000; Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, $487; Power Processing, $637; Power Plus, $106; Solo Auditors Course, $487; Clearing Course, $593; OT Package, $2,213; Average estimated number of auditing hours to Grade IV Expanded, 200 hours, $3,000."

On the following page of "The Bridge" is an advertisement for staff at the Church of Scientology headquarters, Lee Street, Sydney. It carries a sketch of a scientologist astride a rocket with the world depicted as a deflating balloon. The caption reads: "Join Staff!! We are going up while the world is coming down."

With those prices, we don't wonder.