The Melbourne Observer (a local paper, I think), 15 Apr 1973, p3


SCIENTOLOGY - the mystery-shrouded religion that came under intense official attack in Victoria - has launched a massive comeback campaign.

The faith's leader, L. Ron Hubbard, has ordered wide-scale expansion throughout Australia.

He has told his Australian followers: "There's no reason not to create a wildfire expansion in Australia now.

"Disseminate more. Train more. Audit more."

The Observer has obtained some of the personal letters and orders which Hubbard has issued to his Australian officials.

They clearly indicate the faith's determination to carry out a massive expansion throughout Australia.

A Federal Government move cleared the way for the all-out recruitment drive.

It was Senator Lionel Murphy's decision to recognise the Church of the New Faith Inc. as a celebrant of marriages.


The Church of the New Faith practises Scientology.

The Attorney-General has won high praise from the faith's official spokesmen.

There are now 20,000 Scientologists in Australia. Most live in Victoria, South Australia and West Australia.

An official inquiry into Scientology in Victoria was held in 1963.

It lasted 18 months. Former Queen's Counsel, Mr Kevin Anderson - now a judge - later published his findings.

He heard 9000 pages of evidence from 151 witnesses.

Mr Anderson's scathing condemnation of Scientology came under strong attack from the religion's members and officials.

The State Government, on the basis of Mr Anderson's findings, introduced the Psychological Practices Act.

Scientologists claim the Act was passed "with the intention of trying to suppress Scientology in Victoria," but, they say, it failed.

Mr Anderson found that Scientology "is not and does not claim to be a religion." Scientologists dispute this finding.

Labor's move in accepting Scientology as a religion has taken "most of the fire" out of Victoria's anti-Scientology legislation, according to law experts.

Faith leaders now say they have a clear path in expanding in Australia.

One of Hubbard's personal letters to officials here, which is signed "Love", reads:

"A hard fight is over. Now that there are no bans on Scientology in Australia I wanted to congratulate you on having your country back.

"I also want you to throw the doors wide open in Australia now.

"Accelerate. We have a new era. Let's enjoy it. But let's also make up for some lost time.

"To make it as a group takes teamwork from field to org and org to field.


"Flag is beefing up the orgs hot and heavy. There's no reason not to create a wildfire expansion in Australia now.

"Scientology is there for you and the other fellow. I count on you to tell him about it.

"We have the tech. Let's get it known and applied everywhere, starting at home.

"Grab your hat and let's go."