The Australian, 29 Aug 1972, p2

Sect decides to fight

A CAMPAIGN to have the ban on scientology in three Australian States lifted was launched yesterday by the Church of the New Faith.

It announced plans to present a British Medical Association report on psychotherapy practices used by scientologists to the parliaments of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

The Church's Australian vice-president, the Reverend T. B. Minchin, said the BMA report "completely undermined" the investigation into scientology which led to the ban on its "psychological practices" in Victoria in 1965, The bans in WA and SA followed that in Victoria.

In its report, the BMA said it was neither practicable or desirable to make the practice of psychotherapy by unregistered practitioners illegal, but it was important that people who practice psychotherapy should have "appropriate training and be required to conform to an ethical code."

Mr Minchin said the report would be presented to the Victorian Parliament first "because that is where it all started."