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The Age (Melbourne), 25 Aug 1972, p3

Labor all clear on Scientology

CANBERRA. - A Labor Government would recognise Scientology, the Church of the New Faith, the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Murphy) said yesterday.

The church for instance would have powers to conduct marriage ceremonies under Commonwealth law, Senator Murphy said.

"Under the constitution, all religions are entitled to equal treatment," he said. "Whether churches are big or small, orthodox or unorthodox, they are intitled to equal treatment."

The South Australian Government will legislate during the present session of Parliament to repeal the prohibition of Scientology.

The SA Attorney-General (Mr. King) said yesterday the legislation would provide for a system of registration of psychologists.

The Scientology Prohibition Act was assented to on February 13, 1969, while the Hall Government was in office.

A select committee of the Legislative Council has been investigating the legislation.

No change here

But the Victorian ban on Scientology will stay.

The State Minister for Health (Mr. Rossiter), said yesterday the Victorian Government has no intention of lifting the ban.

And Victorian Parliamentary Labor Party sources said there had been no change in policy since Labor supported the Victorian ban on Scientology.

Labor's Leader in the Legislative Council (Mr. Galbally), first raised the Scientology issue in State Parliament.

The marathon inquiry by Mr. K. V. Anderson, QC (now Mr. Justice Anderson), produced the 1965 report on Scientology which led to its banning under the Psychological Practices Act.

Mr. Rossiter said: "I am looking forward to a further split in the Labor Party on this very important matter. I will be interested to hear the Victorian Labor Party's attitude to these matters because it previously supported the ban."

The State Opposition Leader (Mr. Holding) said neither the Victorian branch of the A.L.P. nor Parliamentary Labor Party had discussed the issue recently, and he had not heard from Senator Murphy.