The Advertiser (Adelaide), 25 Aug 1972, p7

Scientology law repeal planned

The Government will legislate during the present session of Parliament to repeal the prohibition against the practice of scientology in SA.

The Attorney-General (Mr. King) said yesterday the legislation would provide for a system of registration of psychologists.

The Scientology Prohibition Act was accented to in 1969 while the Hall Government was in office.

The legislation had been the subject of an investigation by a select committee of the Legislative Council.

In the Assembly yesterday, Mr. King said the Government's attitude was that there should be adequate laws to protect the public against any improper activities in relation to the provision of psychological services for fee or reward, and the Government proposed to introduce legislation to regulate the matter.

"If the scientologists regulate their activities so that they do not infringe either that rule which will be introduced or any other existing law, then in the view of the Government it is wrong that they should be prohibited from professing and carrying on their activities within the law," he said.

In CANBERRA yesterday, Labor's spokesman on legal affairs, Senator Murphy, said a Federal Labor Government would recognise the Church of Scientology.

This would mean scientology would be accepted as a church, with full rights in the ACT and the NT.

In other States it would mean the church could conduct marriages under the Matrimonial Causes Act - the only major piece of Federal legislation affecting churches.