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The Australian, 21 Dec 1971, p7

Harassed scientologists cry 'fascist'

MR LAFAYETTE Ron Hubbard's scientologists are very active lately. In an extra critical edition of their paper, Freedom, they're accusing the Victorian Government of gerrymandering a new bill through Parliament to protect itself in scientology legal actions against Mr Kevin Anderson.

These actions result from charges brought by the scientologists against the inquiry in Melbourne into scientology in 1963-64. Mr Kevin Anderson presided as the one-man board of inquiry.

From the Church of the New Faith, West Perth, comes a simultaneous annoncement from the Reverend Michael Graham, chief spokesman for the Church of Scientology in Australia," that the Victorian Government is "deliberately attempting to prevent justice in Victoria."

Accorsing to Mr Graham, so many legal actions were taking place between the scientologists and the Government that it introduced the Evidence (Boards and Commissions) Bill by which it could become illegal for anyone to issue a writ against present and future boards. "The bill specifically states its retrospective nature, and this means Mr Anderson and his part in the Melbourne inquiry."

Mr Graham says that no one else in Victoria "save the scientologists" has ever taken action on a past inquiry.

"As a bill, this means that the executive in Victoria is protected by the judiciary but a layman has no right of appeal. And that, like it or lump it, is a fascist measure."

Meanwhile, from the depths of Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, the number one scientologist writes encouragingly that scientologists won't be forming themselves into guerrilla bands to attack anti-scientology Western governments.

"In our own case, if we had less stability we would have joined forces with some revolutionary group, deriven there by harassment. We are, in policy and fact, refusing to become revolutionary."

Instead, L. Ron Hubbard and his supporters will try to get society to revitalise "after decades in the minds of decayed animalism" As he says, it's a large order. "But if scientology doesn't succeed it's the end of the free world."

[photo] L. RON HUBBARD: No need for guerrillas.