The Canberra Times, 19 May 1971

Scientologists 'poorly advised'

MELBOURNE, Tuesday. - The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International had been "poorly advised" during and immediately after the 1964-65 inquiry into Scientology, a Supreme Court judge was told today.

The allegation was made by an association agent, Mr Ian Kenneth Tampion.

In a written submission put to Mr Justice McInerney in the Practice Court he said the Scientologists had developed "a mistrust of the legal profession in Victoria".

He said an example of the poor advice given had been the suggestion that the Scientologists close down in Victoria "before any legislation was passed".

Another example was that the HASI had been advised that it had no remedy against the report of the Board of Inquiry. Mr Tampion made these observations in the case in which the HASI is suing two Victorian judges in relation to the inquiry into Scientology in 1964-65.

Mr Tampion has taken out a Supreme Court writ against Mr Justice Kevin Victor Anderson, of the Supreme Court, and Judge Gordon Just, of the County Court.

The writ says that the two had abused their respective offices at the inquiry and had failed to carry out their duties.