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The Age (Melbourne), 29 Apr 1970, p8

Scientologists suing judges

Two Mebourne judges are being sued by the International Association of Scientologists over the 1964-65 inquiry into Scientology in Victoria.

The scientologists claim that the board was biased against them and went beyond its proper terms of reference.

A Supreme Court writ was lodged yesterday by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, c/o Manchester St. Hawthorn, against Kevin Victor Anderson, of Dorrington Ave., Glen Iris, and Gordon Just, of Corby St., North Balwyn.

Mr. Justice Anderson is on the Bench of the Supreme Court in Melbourne, and Judge Just is on the Bench of the County Court.

Between December, 1963 and April 1965, Mr. Anderson, QC, was appointed by the Victorian Government as a Board of Inquiry into Scientology in Victoria and Mr. Just was counsel assisting the board.

The writ lists six pages of claims against the board, including allegations that Anderson and Just abused their office by inquiring and reporting on matters beyond the terms of reference of the inquiry.

It further claims they failed to deal impartially with the servants, agents, adherents and disciples of scientology, and used the procedures and report of the board to destroy the scientologists and their business operations, religious beliefs etc.

The writ, lodged by Ian Kenneth Tampion, of Manchester St. Hawthorn, claims damages and seeks trial by a judge alone.