The Canberra Times, 28 Apr 1970, p10

Damages claim by Scientologists

MELBOURNE, Tuesday. - A Supreme Court writ seeking damages from a Supreme Court judge and a County Court judge over the Victorian Scientology inquiry was taken out yesterday by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International.

The judges are Mr Justice Kevin Victor Anderson, who was appointed the board of inquiry into Scientology on November 27, 1963; and Judge Gordon Just, who was counsel assisting the board. Both were practising barristers at the time of their appointments.

The writ, which embraces 157 allegations covering six foolscap pages, seeks trial by a judge sitting alone.

It was issued by Ian Kenneth Tampion, of Hawthorn, who describes himself in it as the association's Victorian agent.

The Hubbard association alleges in its writ that Mr Justice Anderson and Judge Just acted to their knowledge in abuse of their respective offices at the inquiry, and failed to carry out their duties, thereby committing a misfeasance in a public office.

The association says the judges used the inquiry to attack, vilify, malign, injure and destroy it, its business operations and its religious beliefs and practices.