The Herald (Melbourne), 19 Jul 1969, p3


Plainclothes police will start an immediate investigation of alleged scientology centres in Hawthorn, Noble Park, Cheltenham, Balwyn, Bendigo and Geelong.

The Acting Premier, Sir Arthur Rylah, called for an investigation today after reports that the banned sect has revived in Victoria.

Sir Arthur said that he would "make a full examination of material in the offices of the Attorney-General and Health Minister."

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Reg Jackson said today that police had received a report that scientologists were "holding full scientology church services at a house in Manchester St., Hawthorn."

It had also been reported that scientology services were being held at Noble Park, Cheltenham, North Balwyn, Bendigo and Geelong, he said.


The State Government banned scientology in 1965 after a Royal Commission into its activities.

It is also banned in South and Western Australia.

Mr Jackson said that police had been watching for any outbreaks of scientology in Victoria since the sect was banned.

He said he did not know if the president of the Church of Scientology of California in Victoria, Mr I. K. Tampion, would be questioned at first.

But he said: "Investigations may lead to this."

Mr Tampion has a telephone connected at a house in Manchester St., Hawthorn.

Scientologists can be prosecuted under the Psychological Practices Act of 1965.

Any person "who advertises or holds himself out as being willing to teach scientology" can be prosecuted.

The board of inquiry into scientology in Victoria in 1965, Mr K. V. Anderson, QC, found that scientology was evil, a danger to the mental health of the community, based on fiction and propagated by falsehood.

Scientologists have been trying to re-establish themselves in Victoria since the sect was banned.

A document was lodged with the Titles Office in Melbourne in January this year stating that scientology is a church.

The document showed Mr Ian K. Tampion to be the president of "a religious denomination known as the Church of Scientology of California in Victoria."