The West Australian, Wed 14 May 1969, p2


The P.M.G. Department yesterday disconnected telephones at the headquarters of the Hubbard Association of Scientology Inc. in Hay-street, Perth.

Two telephone technicians removed the 11 telephones and a telex machine from the building.

Deputy Police Commissioner Wedd said that his department had asked the P.M.G. to disconnect the telephones.

It was routine to make the request when a telephone was being used to contravene the law.

Similar action had been taken against S.P. bookmakers who had used their telephones for taking bets.

A PMG spokesman said that the telephones had been removed under section 62 of the Telephone Regulations which related to subscribers convicted of carrying on an illegal activity.

The action originated from advice from the Police Commissioner that the person or organisation concerned had been convicted of an offence.

The telephone service at 9 Newnham-street, Leederville, had also been disconnected.

Credit would be given to the subscriber, Scientology leader Michael Graham, for rent paid in advance.

A letter signed by the Director of Posts and Telegraphs, Mr J. H. White, had been sent to the organisation warning that the telephones would be disconnected.