Revolt In The Stars

by L. Ron Hubbard

Summarised by Grady Ward

It is the OTIII mythology detailed and expanded.

Maybe there are thousands of scientologists who believe the following literally. Since it expands considerably on the OTIII Xenu cycle, one can only imagine what privileged few past OTVIII get to look at this.

Maybe no one.

What follows is a synopsis of the 140 page ms.

We learn about the Galactic Emperor Xenu, Supreme Ruler of the Loyal Officers of the Galactic Confederation, his renegades and allies Master Lord Chu, Executive President of the Galactic Interplanetary Bank, Minister of Police, Chi; Sty the psychiatrist and their antagonists, Loyal Officer Mish, and the heroic Rawl (who we suspect was intended to be Hubbard) and his co-freedom fighters Lady Min, consort to Xenu, and her press agent Ap.
Contemporary scientists discover a strange capsule buried at sea. While the President of the United States and his Top Scientist accidentally activate the "dot groups" on two plates embedded in the capsule. A voice from the plate begins:

"Mark 92 Vocotranslator. All sound and information is now coming to you by thought concept and visual feedback so that you hear as though spoken in your own language."

Then a visual screen on the capsule presents the ancient history of Xenu and the Teegeeack (Earth) tragedy.

Xenu is presiding over an assembly of the Loyal Officers of the Galactic Federation. As Xenu strikes the gong to begin the two thousand and fifty-fourth Congress of the Confederation, an Archbishop blesses the assembly with the invocation

"All blessings to Almighty God upon the Galactic Confederation, upon its 21 stars, upon its 76 green planets, upon its trillions of population, this Congress, and upon the Loyal Officers, loyal to the people, to the Confederation and to God. May peace and prosperity continue as it has for ages past."

Xenu "bears a faint resemblance to the chief executive in the early scenes. He is a bitter-looking man..."

Rawl then challenges Xenu's new policies of personal income tax, identity cards for every citizen, credit records, fingerprinting of all citizens, passports.

Rawl is described as "a Loyal Officer, dressed in khaki."

Xenu calls upon Master Lord Chu to justify the new policies. Chu is described as

a fat, pudgy man, very like a pig, slides forward. He is dressed in civilian clothes but there is a diamond ring on each finger and four diamonds in his tie. He is nervous and cringing.

He says that the Grey Invasion war has caused Confederation insolvency.

Rawl reiterates the need for the people to be free of government; he finally demands that the "emergency powers of the executive be canceled and that all executive orders be declared null and void."

Bedlam ensues. The motion is passed. The people cheer Rawl.

Later, rather than capitulating, Xenu, Chu, and Chi plan their revenge. Xenu tells Chu to retain his computer files on every "criminal, renegade and psychopath in this entire galaxy." "And you must have thought at one time or another what a splendid secret force they would make?" [TRs, Narconon and Criminon come to mind - G]

Chi is described as looking like "J Edgar Hoover."

Xenu continues "You can trust only those on whom you have definite blackmail." [Now the Preclear folders come to mind -- say, who did Hubbard emulate most -- Rawl or Xenu.]

Xenu is abusive to Lady Min. He reaches down suddenly and "yanks her hair on the open side of the couch and with a sudden wrench yanks her to her feet with his right hand." " Rawl. You corrupted bitch! You filthy whore."

Xenu strikes her with his cane and knocks her sprawling into the corner. Xenu calls Doctor Stug to "robotize her." "Depersonalize her with neurosurgery...she might [become] even more fun."

Lady Min was described earlier as "smiling, happy,...,a very beautiful, warm and friendly person. "

Doctor Stug, who has a pointed beard and eyeglasses with a ribbon dressed in 1910-style civilian tweed clothes ,is overpowered by Lady Min and shot with his own narcotic gun. She parts the narcotized figure with "Have a good day's sleep, brain surgeon."

She overpowers Stug's grey-green clad Nazi-style guard and takes her personal spacecraft to join Rawl. After escaping recapture by Stug, she crash lands on the jungle planet Stip, "gun-running capital of the Confederation" whose sun is Altec, "pearl of the Southern Galaxy."

Lady Min is treated with Dregomine by Dr. Ax to help heal her injuries following the crash landing.

Meanwhile, Xenu is outlining his plans to the Renegade Chief on the Home planet (not Earth).

"The objective of Phase One is the slaughter of every Loyal Officer in the Galaxy."

"Phase Two: The destruction of the main galactic defense base on every planet."

"Phase Three: The removal of all minority and unwanted populations in the galaxy to planet Earth and their extermination."

The stars in the confederation were

"Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Vega, Capella, Arcturs, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar, Beta Centauri, Altair, Betelgeuse, Acrux, Aldebaran, Pollux, Spica, Antares, Fomalhaut, Deneb, Regulus, and Sol."

Phase one and two are carried out.

Xenu considers the selection of the people to send to Earth to nuke in volcanoes. He wants to get rid of the undesirables. "The selection of these minorities is already determined." However, Xenu gives the group of psychiatrists led by Sty power to further discriminate in a "fully scientific and dedicated manner."

The Phase Three round-up continues:


Secret policemen are herding blacks out of small stores and houses while another group of secret police hold them in the street." old woman clutching a cross, eyes tightly closed, being dragged along the street..."

"Close shot of a child being yanked along, herself pulling a doll. She is crying."

The psychiatrists select motion picture producers, editors, writers, and newscasters, all blacks, ..., religious leaders, ..., the Ninth Terrestial Army, all actors, all unemployed...

Convoys of trucks carry the drugged victims to space freighters, enroute to Earth. Renegades dressed in white coveralls move the bodies into the ships.

The Psychiatrist assures a Renegade that he has selected all the undesirables for execution. "...medical science never makes mistakes."

The secret police carry the bodies to various volcanoes on Earth: Mount Shasta, Mount Aetna, Mount Fuji, Mount Washington, Mauna Loa in Hawaii. They lower the bombs labeled "ATOMIC BOMB. Danger. Radioactive." into the craters.

The Renegade Chief, after a go-ahead from Xenu, pushes the central button on an electronic control box. The bombs explode.

Scenes of carnage on Earth.

Xenu and his accomplices celebrate. They create the Confederate Bureau of Investigation and an income tax police in Treasury.

A Stuka dive bomber disturbs their celebration with a message spear from Rawl and Mish. Rawl and Mish proclaim Xenu a traitor and demand his resignation. Xenu, Sty, Chu and Chi discount the tiny group of Loyalists.

Mish is described as "handsome, athletic, looks very competent."

Rawl, Lady Min, and Mish land on "Alpha Centauri Planet 2, Cronjin". Rawl takes over the planetary television station and broadcasts the warning to the people of the planet.

After a fierce battle Rawl, Lady Min, Mish, and Ap take control of the planet.

They free planet after planet, urging the people to rise up against the secret police and psychiatrist. Who, in one scene, are jabbed with a syringe by the mob "let's see how you like it!"

Although the Home Planet controlled by Xenu have Home Planet Bombers, Rawl is expert with his "outer space atomic Interceptor, made to combat enemy battleships."

He fights the Renegades Home Planet base who have just graphically killed a girl about 10 while gang-raping her.

"She's dead" says one Renegade.

"Good, hand her over, that's the way I like 'em," another responds.

With a lot of battle flair, Rawl manages to defeat the Renegades and notify Commanding General Arn, a white-haired mentor of Rawl. Rawl rescues Arn at Home Planet Central Base 3.

With the battle cry "Remember the Ninth Army!" Rawl and Arn free the home planet and capture Xenu and the Renegades at the palace. Sty the psychiatrist is captured insane. Chi is cringing. Chu is trying not to vomit. Xenu is curled up in a fetal position, but tries to sneakily reach a pistol, which Rawl kicks out of his hand.

Xenu and his renegades are sentenced to be "imprisoned in a mountain sustained by eons by life supports."

Xenu and his coconspirators are exhibited through Dorn, Capitol of the Betelgeuse System; Catul of the Achnar System; Maltar of the Altair System (whose population was 17,000,000); then exhibited on a steam locomotive on Stend.

Finally on Mount Xenu on Planet Tawn electricians in blue overalls hook up sheets of copper wire. The grids are designed to keep Xenu and the Renegades life supported for "Seventy-four million years, Possibly more."

Xenu and his co-conspirators are entombed.

Meanwhile on the radioactive Earth, a time capsule is lowered into the ground. Rawl and Lady Min, dressed in transparent antiradiation suits, preside over the ceremony. Ap says "...the end of the planet Earth! Future zero!"

Meanwhile Lady Min is making eyes at Rawl:

"I never was his mistress, that was just his idea of a way to become popular. He hated women."

Rawl and Lady Min touch hands unsmilingly.

Rawl makes a speech exhorting people to abolish schools that teach children that they are animals, Congress to abolish psychiatry and get rid of the Executive Branch of government. Do not create another police state!

Back in the present.

The capsule display is over.

The President lies to a curious reporter.

"Sorry to disappoint. It was just a piece of old World War Two junk."

The President and the national police head look slyly at one another.


My questions to scientologists. Do you pay to read this? Is this even available to scientologists? If Hubbard wrote this screenplay, as Atack suggests, what do you think of a man who would capitalize on ideas that would cause the death of individuals not vetted to see OTIII?

My question to non-scientologists: is Hubbard more like the sneaky criminal leader Xenu who abuses women, allies himself with criminal renegades in order to get rid of undesirables for the profit of a small group of cronies, or like the heroic Rawl?

Maybe someone should pass this by Kobrin, the lying 'ho, to get her opinion of the copyright. I wonder who else saw this ms., SCAMIZDAT perhaps, or maybe David Talbot wrote it? Who can say.

Will the entire screenplay be spammed on the net? We all hope lawfully of course.

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